Maestro Workshop

The Podium “Maestro” Workshop is a truly innovative talent development experience. Participants are introduced to established learning tools and methodologies for personal and professional development within the context of the extraordinary experience of learning to conduct an orchestra of professional musicians. No previous musical training is required.

The analogy of the conductor as leader and the orchestra as a team is powerful and compelling. Working with the orchestra, allows Participants to experience their leadership capacities in a new and inspiring context, and see first-hand and in real-time how their emotional awareness/competence, values, creativity, communication skills, thinking preferences, and body language affect the results that their “team” delivers.

The content-rich process can be tailored to achieve objectives such as Enhanced Personal Performance, Inspired Leadership, or Team Building. Workshops can be delivered with one of a number of complementary methodologies in a two day format, or solely with the orchestra for an impactful one-day personal and professional development experience.